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During exercise therapy, it is important to monitor your feelings. Gymnastics should not be accompanied by severe discomfort. If pain occurs or the symptoms of neuropathy increase, it is worth stopping take hytrin and consulting with your doctor. Physiotherapeutic methods are widely used to eliminate the Roth-Berngardt symptom. They are resorted to in any form and stage of pathology.

Roth-Bernhardt disease occurs when the external cutaneous femoral nerve is damaged or compressed. The cause of the syndrome is prolonged wearing of uncomfortable clothes, being in an uncomfortable position of the body, being overweight. Pathology is characterized by loss of skin sensitivity. Treatment is aimed at restoring blood circulation and supply of nutrients to the affected area. Therapeutic exercise improves blood circulation and has a general strengthening effect. Prevention is aimed at eliminating predisposing factors for the development of the diagnosis.

This condition is more common among pregnant women and men over 50 years of age. The cause of the syndrome is the peculiar location of the nerve, near the inguinal ligament - a fold occurs when the body is tilted or walking, which can squeeze it. In addition, other anatomical features are a kind of obstacle in his path, for example, a wide femoral fascia.

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The disease develops gradually, often on one side. In 68% of cases, sensory disturbances (paresthesias) predominate: numbness, tingling or crawling in the nerve innervation zone. The appearance of itching and unbearable burning pain of the type of causalgia is less often noted. In the final stages of hytrin pills, analgesia (violation of pain sensitivity) may occur in the area supplied by this nerve. exit point under the inguinal ligament. At this point of rotation from the pelvic cavity, it bends; at the site of perforation of the wide fascia of the thigh - since the tensor of the wide fascia can infringe on this nerve. at the site of passage of the loose bundle of a part of the inguinal ligament. In the photo - obesity, one of the possible causes of Roth's disease. Therefore, the first thing that a competent doctor draws influence on is wearing belts, tight underwear, swimming trunks or corsets. In addition, Roth's disease can be caused by more serious causes: an oncological volumetric formation, or terazosin hydrochloride. A hematoma often occurs after an injury, slipping on ice, during sports games, among which one of the first places is hockey. Therefore, to avoid meralgia, you need to follow the general ones.

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Before starting the main treatment, the causes of the pathology should be eliminated. Recommended: wearing comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement; in the presence of excess weight - go on a diet, go in for sports; in the presence of formations in the abdominal cavity - surgical removal, etc.

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“With positive dynamics from treatment, they begin treatment and prevention activities. The patient is recommended to carry out special gymnastics to improve blood flow through the vessels of the lower extremities, strengthen the muscular frame. All exercises are aimed at reducing the tension of hytrin - this is bending the legs, breeding them.”

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“An obese patient undergoes special courses of sports exercises to reduce weight, and a special massage is also recommended. After the disappearance of the symptoms of the disease, it is best for the patient to go swimming, cycling, try to move more and stay less in one position.”

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“Physiotherapeutic procedures are prescribed only after the exclusion of acute conditions or other contraindications. A good effect is observed from the procedures: acupuncture, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, UHF, electrophoresis with vitamin preparations, Darsonval therapy, water procedures, including water aerobics and hydromassage. Mud and radon, hydrogen sulfide baths help relieve pain. This type of treatment helps to restore blood circulation and nerve nutrition.”

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